Old Word of the Day: Drumble

DRUMBLE: To be sluggish; to be confused in doing anything; to mumble. It was… Read more

Michael Palin in Conversation with Tom Hodgkinson

Tom Hodgkinson | Conversations

Tom Hodgkinson writes: “Here is the full-length film of the hour-long interview I did… Read more

The Idler No 1, April 1758

Dr Johnson's Idler

Here is Dr Johnson’s first “Idler” column. It was published in the Gentleman’s Magazine.

“Vacui… Read more

“To My Enemies” by Bert Meyers

Louis Theroux | Patron's Poem

Louis Theroux chooses our Poem for the Day… Read more

Sleeping Dogs: Gouda

From our readers | Sleeping Dogs

We feature your pictures of slumbering canines. … Read more

A few of my favourite books: Viv Albertine


The former Slits guitarist and now best-selling writer chooses her top five books of all time… Read more

News: Napping Makes You Brainy

Idler staff | News

A nap a day improves your brain power… Read more

Online Course: How to be Idle with Tom Hodgkinson

Online course

Anxious, overworked, underpaid? Discover the routes to revolutionising your everyday life… Read more

Interview with Terence McKenna from 1993

Tom Hodgkinson | Conversations

An account of a conversation with the magic mushroom guru… Read more

Perfect Day: a lie-in, blackberry-picking and some light part-time work

Jason Palmer | Idle Thoughts

Readers describe a great day’s idling… Read more

Hello Unbounders!

Hello to all Unbounders and thank you for visiting the Idler website. We hope… Read more

Get wise with our online modern philosophy course


Learn the isms, from Cartesianism to utilitarianism to existentialism… Read more

The Idler magazine’s fiftieth issue

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Idler Guide to Jazz Recommended Listening

On this page you can find links to the recommended listening for each lesson… Read more

Idler Questionnaire: Damien Hirst


The Idler Questionnaire: Damien Hirst

10 November 2008

We put ten questions to the artist Damien Hirst… Read more