My island isolation

Roddy Woomble | Idle Thoughts

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Michael Palin: My struggle to take it easy

Michael Palin | Idler Magazine

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How Socrates can teach us how to die

Mark Vernon | Idler Magazine

Embrace the ultimate idling, says Mark Vernon… Read more

The sinister world of

Harry R Lloyd | Idle Thoughts

Harry R. Lloyd investigates the website selling mind control… Read more

Interview: Damien Hirst

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

We meet the artist in his riverside studio… Read more

The Idler 42, 2009: Smash the System

This is the first of our series of six annual hardback editions of the… Read more

Democracy and its discontents

Mark Vernon | Sermons

The ancient Greek invention is brilliant but dangerous… Read more

Sunday Sermon: The soul of the European union

Mark Vernon | Comment

Our deeper, older links are unchanged… Read more

*Modern Toss Colouring Books Now in Stock*

Modern Toss | Books

Our favourite cartoonists Jon Link & Mick Bunnage of Modern Toss fame have unleashed two… Read more

The cure for workaholism is philosophy

Andrew Smart | Comment

Science is discovering what we idlers knew all along… Read more

Why Rhetoric Matters

Benet Brandreth | Events

The power of language by Benet Brandreth… Read more

Letter from the Editor: Work Less, Learn More

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Fulfilment comes not from work but from study… Read more

Drugs don’t always work, they can make it worse

Rachel Kelly | Depression

Antidepressants can have the opposite effect to the one intended… Read more

We have reached our funding target


Help us to teach the world the good life… Read more

Work is bad, say scientists

Andrew Smart | Comment

Human beings need more leisure than work… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Is life a tragedy or a comedy?

Mark Vernon | Sermons

The world has grown cold, we’re adrift in empty space… Read more

“We won’t be rich, but we’ll be free” – Charles Handy

Tom Hodgkinson | Business

Our favourite guru sees autonomy ahead… Read more

Ten great business tips for bohemians


Excellent advice from Viz entrepreneur John Brown… Read more

William Wordsworth’s day off

William Wordsworth | Poetry

“This day we’ll give to idleness”… Read more

Time to cultivate your garden


A preview of Alys Fowler’s online guide to growing your own vegetables and herbs… Read more

Magazine Extract: Why I quit my office job to become a farmer

From Good Folks magazine | Books

Very occasionally I go to a takeaway – I eat it and think: Why? ’Cause the thought of a takeaway is beautiful: Fish & chips – yum! But you eat them and it’s – Eerk! … Read more

How taking a nap can beat depression


“If I don’t shut the doors between two and three, my day falls apart”… Read more

A sight so touching

Tom Hodgkinson | Features

Tom Hodgkinson takes a day off and walks round London… Read more