Ukrainian Poppy Seed Cake with Elderflower and Strawberries

Olia Hercules | Food

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Why You Should Make Your Own Sandwiches

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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The vanity of the middle-aged man

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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Book of the Week: Kobzar by Taras Shevchenko

Julia Lasica | Books

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UK’s Five Best Cherry Blossoms

Rhiannon Batten | Idler Magazine

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How to Give a Speech

Arthur Smith | Idler Magazine

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New: How to live in the country

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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How to Keep a Diary

Michael Palin | Idler Magazine

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Wild garlic: how to find it and 3 things to do with it

Letter from the Editor

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The power of beer

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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My island isolation

Roddy Woomble | Idle Thoughts

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Goodbye nine-to-five; hello Oxford hours

Charles Handy | Comment

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Michael Palin: My struggle to take it easy

Michael Palin | Idler Magazine

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How Socrates can teach us how to die

Mark Vernon | Idler Magazine

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The sinister world of

Harry R Lloyd | Idle Thoughts

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Interview: Damien Hirst

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

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The Idler 42, 2009: Smash the System

This is the first of our series of six annual hardback editions of the… Read more

Democracy and its discontents

Mark Vernon | Sermons

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Sunday Sermon: The soul of the European union

Mark Vernon | Comment

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*Modern Toss Colouring Books Now in Stock*

Modern Toss | Books

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The cure for workaholism is philosophy

Andrew Smart | Comment

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Why Rhetoric Matters

Benet Brandreth | Events

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Letter from the Editor: Work Less, Learn More

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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