Idler 77, Jan/Feb 2021

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Pilgrimage special, featuring Guy Hayward on the healing power of devotional walking, plus Stewart… Read more

Idler 76, Jan/Feb 2021

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Meditation with Sister Jayanti, Michael Palin dines with God, Dickens meets a hermit and… Read more

Idler 75, Nov/Dec 2020

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Our 75th issues features…

• an “at home” with artist, comedian and birdspotter Vic Reeves

•… Read more

Idler 74, Sept/Oct 2020

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Adam Buxton: ‘I reached enlightenment the other day’

The Magic of Mushrooms by Merlin Sheldrake

Rise… Read more

My island isolation

Roddy Woomble | Idle Thoughts

Idlewild’s Roddy Woomble lives in Iona… Read more

Idler 73, July/August 2020

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• lessons in self-sufficiency from editor Tom Hodgkinson

• interview with comedy genius Armando Iannucci

•… Read more

Michael Palin: My struggle to take it easy

Michael Palin | Idler Magazine

And an unfortunate incident in the kitchen… Read more

How Socrates can teach us how to die

Mark Vernon | Idler Magazine

Embrace the ultimate idling, says Mark Vernon… Read more

Idler 72, May/June 2020

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Click above to read the whole of Idler issue 72, featuring:

Will Hodgkinson on how… Read more

The sinister world of

Harry R Lloyd | Idle Thoughts

Harry R. Lloyd investigates the website selling mind control… Read more

Interview: Damien Hirst

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

We meet the artist in his riverside studio… Read more

Idler 71, March/April 2020

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Damien Hirst: “I lost control”

Slow Boat: Return of the sailing ship

Proper Job: Meet the… Read more

Idler 70, Jan/Feb 2020

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Rowan Williams: Read. Sleep. Pray. Repeat. Life lessons from a former archbishop

Sick of working?… Read more

Idler 69, November/December 2019

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Emma Thompson: ‘Fame is the most toxic thing’
Commons People: Restore our ancient rights, says… Read more

Idler 68, September/October 2019

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Featuring rockers Sleaford Mods, documentarian Louis Theroux and Helen McCrory of Peaky Blinders… Read more

Idler 67, July/August 2019

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Featuring Aisling Bea, an attack on Yuval Noah Harari and Michael Palin… Read more

Idler 66, May/June 2019

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Featuring surrealist Gavin Turk, Paul Mason on how to smash the system and Philippa Perry on parenting… Read more

Idler 65, March/April 2019

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Featuring Gary Kemp, a surprising history of puppets and a guide to building your own website… Read more

Idler 64, January/February 2019

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Featuring Suede frontman Brett Anderson, an attack on driverless cars and a pyjamas fashion special… Read more

Idler 63, November/December 2018

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Featuring Nell Hudson, Michael Palin and an essay on the idle ways of the Bloomsbury Group… Read more

Idler 62, September/October 2018

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Featuring Jordan Peterson, Jaron Lanier and a guide to making the most of your lunch break… Read more

Idler 61, July/August 2018

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Featuring Michael Pollan on psychedelics, film maker Adam Curtis and Joe Mellen on the bliss of cricket… Read more

Idler 60, May/June 2018

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Featuring Sara Pascoe on sex and laughter, David Graeber on bullshit jobs and canal living… Read more

Idler 59, March/April 2018

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Featuring Graham Linehan, yogis, Will Self and good cheap cars… Read more