Griff Rhys Jones shows a lack of basic manners by whingeing about tax

4 Nov|Tom Hodgkinson

Griff's gaff: the comedian threatens to leave country and buy "massive palace" abroad

I HAD to reach for the sick-bag when reading British comedian Griff Rhys Jones whingeing about tax this morning.

He owns what he calls a “gigantic” house in London’s Fitzrovia, and is complaining about the idea of the mansion tax.

He doesn’t mention how lucky he was to buy a property in London fifteen years ago, and to have seen its value quadruple in that time, due to forces completely beyond his control.

“I’d probably go and live abroad because I could get some massive palace which I could restore,” said the sympathetic gentleman of Griff’s Fantasy Gaffs in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

Well, I think the correct English response to this comment would be: f*** off then.

I really don’t know why these celebrities think we care whether they live in England or not. It makes absolutely no difference to my life where Griff Rhys Jones chooses to live. And Griff threatening to move abroad, I submit, is unlikely to affect government policy. “Look guys, if we implement this tax, Griff Rhys Jones is going to leave the country. I say scrap it – he’s such a lovely bloke.”

Griff should also grow up. A fully-grown man should not behave like a 22 year old rap star on MTV Cribs, boasting about all the dollars he has made and talking about palaces. This shows spectacular bad manners and lack of tact.

As the wise know, that sort of talk tends to make the common folk feel a little envious.

What the rich should be doing is living very quietly indeed and keeping a low profile. They should also thank their lucky stars for being rich and stop complaining. Has Griff not read the Analects of Confucius?

It always amazes me how utterly lacking in imagination wealthy people are. All they can think of spending their money on is cars, houses, and for the really rich, yachts. Shouldn’t they be planting orchards and creating sweet pleasure parks for the people, putting on free concerts and giving bread and beer to the poor?

Say what you like about Russell Brand, but at least he appears to want to improve the lot of the everyday folk.