New online course: How to Write a Poem

24 Apr

Watch the trailer for poet Clare Pollard’s wonderful new online course for the Idler Academy, “How to Write a Poem”. It’s a great primer on the history of poetry as well as an excellent starting point for aspiring poets.

Great poets, like Keats and Tennyson, learned through modelling, imitating, even stealing. In this vein, “How to Write a Poem” teaches you to read the classics in order to learn what you can take from them. Over the course of six video-based lessons, Clare explores the style, structure and history of classic poetic forms like ballads, sonnets and dramatic monologues.

She covers basic rules and reads iconic examples, from sonnets by Shakespeare to Ovid’s monologues. You’ll learn about iambic pentameter, neologisms, narrative and rhyme. Poetry, like any craft, needs practice so there will be exercises and homework in each lesson as well.

We look forward to welcoming Clare to our Idler Dinner in June. You can buy tickets to that here.