Charles Handy: My fantasy office

Charles Handy | Comment

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My island isolation

Roddy Woomble | Idle Thoughts

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John Lloyd’s Philosophy Reading List

John Lloyd | Books

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Book of the Week: Guitar Man

Will Hodgkinson | Books

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A sudden rainstorm: ah, is this not happiness?

Jin Shengtan | Comment

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Lucky Mr Steerstrait

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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Charles Handy: Fees or wages?

Charles Handy | Comment

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Book of the Week: Life: A User’s Manual

Julian Baggini and Antonia Macaro | Books

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Idle Pleasures: Leaf Catching

Chris Yates | Comment

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Thanks for the trolls, Mark

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

Tom Hodgkinson on a Facebook advertising fail… Read more

Art under lockdown

Tim Richardson | Idler Magazine

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Stewart Lee’s music column

Stewart Lee | Idler Magazine

Idler content provider Stewart Lee recommends some recent releases

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Goodbye nine-to-five; hello Oxford hours

Charles Handy | Comment

Afternoons are not for working, says Charles Handy… Read more

Book of the Week: Wild Signs and Star Paths

Tristan Gooley | Books

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Idle Pleasures: Poking the fire

Jock Scot | Comment

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The discreet charms of the flip flop

Aaron Jackson | Fashion

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Charles Handy: The Chinese contract


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Television: In defence of fakery

Peter Fincham | Comment

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David Graeber on the strange phenomenon of bullshit jobs

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

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Idle Pleasures: Slouching

Dan Kieran | Books

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Merry-making goes underground

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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Charles Handy: beware wilful blindness


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Roger Phillips on truffles, tulips and pansies

Roger Phillips | Food

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Book of the Week: Reveries of the Solitary Walker

Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Books

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