Idle Pleasures: Taking a Nap

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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London in the plague

Dr Matthew Green | History

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Smell the roses


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Charles Handy: the power of names

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Why lolling in the sun could save your life

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What would Plato do in a pandemic?

Mark Vernon | Philosophy

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Our small farm is thriving during lockdown

Simon Fairlie | Comment

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Idle Pleasures: Tree Houses

Dan Kieran | Books

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Bring back bowing

Marcel Theroux | Comment

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Postcard from the Isle of Wight

Florence Read | Comment

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Easy pizza dough and brilliant toppings recipe

Bridget Hugo | Food

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My lockdown life: Gray Jolliffe

Gray Jolliffe | Comment

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Idle Pleasures: The Deckchair

Nicholas Lezard | Books

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TV: Why is good comedy timeless?

Peter Fincham | Comment

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A defence of poetry

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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How I find freedom through pottering


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Michael Palin: My struggle to take it easy

Michael Palin | Idler Magazine

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The merry, merry month of May

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How Socrates can teach us how to die

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Want to be idle? Join a corporation


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How to like classical music

Sandy Burnett | Classical music

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How to be frugal

Robert Wringham | Comment

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Obituary: Ian Whitcomb, musician

Travis Elborough | Obituary

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How P.G. Wodehouse will save our souls

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