Interview: Damien Hirst

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

We meet the artist in his riverside studio… Read more

The Art of Contemplation

Tom Hodgkinson | Idle Thoughts

Tom Hodgkinson on how to do less… Read more

Idler 71, March/April 2020

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Damien Hirst: “I lost control”

Slow Boat: Return of the sailing ship

Proper Job: Meet the… Read more

Book of the Week: The Idle Beekeeper

Bill Anderson | Idle Thoughts

Bill Anderson on the architecture of an apiary… Read more

Heavy duty

Bill Anderson | Idle Thoughts

The challenges of keeping bees safe when storms hit… Read more

Idler Classics: La Divina Commedia

Mark Vernon | Books

Mark Vernon reflects on the 700th anniversary of Dante’s Divine Comedy… Read more

The Books Borges Never Wrote

Henry Eliot | Idle Thoughts

“A writer’s work is the product of laziness.”… Read more

Book of the Week: Transcendence

Gaia Vince | Books

Why we’re more than just smarter chimps with cool tools… Read more

TV: The Tragedy of Michael Barrymore

Peter Fincham | Idle Thoughts

Peter Fincham reviews new Channel 4 doc… Read more

Book of the Week: Government of No One

Ruth Kinna | Books

An enlightening study of anarchism… Read more

The Decline and Fall of Classics Teaching

Harry Mount | Idle Thoughts

Harry Mount ratiocinates… Read more

Trials of Island Life by Will Self

Will Self | From the Archives

An urbanite recalls days of idleness on Orkney… Read more

How To Be Alone

Idle Thoughts

Why we should all embrace the sound of silence… Read more

TV: Christine Keeler and White House Farm

Peter Fincham | Idle Thoughts

Peter Fincham on how new television can revolutionise old stories… Read more

Book of the Week: Lost Dog

Kate Spicer | Books

How adopting a dog changed Kate Spicer’s life… Read more

Pigeon Boy

From the Archives

James Parker diagnoses the psychosis of city living… Read more

Book of the Week: Homesick

Catrina Davies | Books

The story of a woman who decided to live in a shed… Read more

Where lies happiness?

From the Archives

Ask Homer Simpson, wrote Gavin Hills in Idler Issue Two… Read more

Book of the Week: Square Haunting

Francesca Wade | Books

The story of a radical square in Bloomsbury… Read more

Zen and the art of dishwasher maintenance

Tom Hodgkinson

How to free yourself from domestic slavery… Read more

The Drunken Hairdresser

James Parker | From the Archives

A short story from Idler Issue One about a boozing barber … Read more

Book of the Week: Coventry

Rachel Cusk | Books

Rachel Cusk on Assisi and the life of St Francis… Read more

Interview: Rowan Williams

Idler Magazine

Lessons in the good life from a former Archbishop … Read more

Why I love to loaf

Josh Cohen | Idler Magazine

Josh Cohen tunes out… Read more