The Godwin Project: Letter to Coleridge

Pamela Clemit | Books

“I longed for the opportunity of engrafting your quince upon my apple-tree”… Read more

Living La Vida Bona


A great weekend at the Good Life Experience… Read more

New: The Idler Guide to Classical Music


All you need to know about music but were afraid to ask… Read more

Bad Grammar Awards 2015: Amazon win (or is that wins?)

And we honour Harry Styles for his good grammar… Read more

Now booking: Business for Bohemians course


Starts Thursday 24 September in London… Read more

Jeremy Corbyn: “Jarvis Cocker stole my look”

Jeremy Corbyn is at the cutting edge of both fashion and radical politics… Read more

Why are banks suddenly taking Bitcoin seriously?

Dominic Frisby | Technology

A Financial Revolution is here, says Dominic Frisby… Read more

Work is absurd, say 37% of Brits


Andrew Smart on crap jobs and Amazonization… Read more

Back to School: Autumn Term programme announced

Live events

Philosophy, grammar, ukulele and more… Read more

The Idler Questionnaire: Rachel Johnson


“My greatest pleasures are tennis, sex, and conversation, not always in that order”… Read more

If Amazon is so clever, how come they can’t keep workers happy?

Tom Hodgkinson

And why can’t they use good grammar?… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Why the Soul Loves the Sea

Mark Vernon | Sermons

We strip off, build sandcastles, idle for hours… Read more

Video: Mark Vernon on ancient philosophy


The lowdown on Socrates and the schools of ancient Athens… Read more

Starting soon: History of London course


Join Matthew Green for a whirlwind tour through 1000 years of the great metropolis… Read more

Video: “I beat depression by reading books,” says John Lloyd

Idle Talk

In our short film, QI’s creator discusses the healing power of curiosity… Read more

Video: Jeremy Paxman says, “Every office should have a hammock”

Idle Talk

The journalist and author reveals a reflective side… Read more

The Godwin Project: Letters from a Radical


“It is the first time that I have been separated from them since the death of their mother”… Read more

Kings of the road

Pamela Clemit | History

The 18th century romantics and revolutionaries who loved to ramble… Read more

Top 5 Books in the Idler Shop

Julian Mash | Books

Idler Academy manager Mr Mash introduces our top five sellers. … Read more

Sermon: What would the ancient Greeks say about Greece today?

Classical literature

Plato’s Academy is now a makeshift boarding house for the homeless… Read more

Podcast: Will Self and Andrew Keen live


The Internet: liberator or tool of enslavement… Read more

The Idler Questionnaire: Tim Lott


“Me and manual labour don’t get along. And my customer relations skills are weak.”… Read more

Wednesday Toss: Interview


More Modern Toss hilarity
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