The Idler Questionnaire: Youth


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Podcast: Idler on Start the Week


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Wednesday Toss: Holiday Plans


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Sunday Sermon: All You Need is Love


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The Idle Gardener: Love Your Weeds

Sof McVeigh | Gardening

Sof McVeigh says we should learn to love our weeds

Is idle gardening possible? The… Read more

Event: A Time Travelling History of London with Matthew Green

WE ARE DELIGHTED to announce a new event at the Idler Academy with historian… Read more

Short film: Sound Sleeper by Andrew Lambert

Andrew Lambert | Video

WE LOVE THIS hymn to the ingenuity that can result from extreme sloth. It’s… Read more

The Godwin Project: Love letter to Maria Reveley

Pamela Clemit | Books

“When I had a wife… you said you then loved me, for years loved me!”… Read more

California über alles

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Paris erupts in anti-Uber protests, but Boris leaves them alone… Read more

Wednesday Toss: Careers Advice


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Very short film: Sound Sleeper by Andrew Lambert

HERE IS A lovely little skit on the absurd lengths we can go to… Read more

Videos not working?

Normal service will be resumed ASAP… Read more

Wednesday Toss: Pole Dance


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Extract: Mermaids by Sophia Kingshill


Our friends at Little Toller Books have recently published a wonderful monograph on Mermaids… Read more

Why apostrophes matter

Harry Mount

Harry Mount introduces our real-life and online punctuation classes… Read more

Wednesday Toss: Tribunal


Modern Toss lay down the law… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Why do we bother?


“To purchase luxury we have sold our ease” – Jerome K Jerome… Read more

Take a course at the Idler Academy

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The Godwin Project: love letter to Mary Wollstonecraft


“I love your imagination, your delicate epicurism, the malicious leer of your eye”… Read more

Readers’ Letters: Jeremy Paxman defends his “error”


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The Idler Questionnaire: Owen Sheers

“Real books are a vital escape from the screen, and offer a landscape of complete focus”… Read more

Extract: I Saw A Man by Owen Sheers


‘Being your own boss. I don’t know, that isn’t always a freedom.’… Read more

Wednesday Toss: Home Clubber


Modern Toss on the adventures of the Home Clubber… Read more

Against nature: Oscar Wilde would rather stay in

Oscar Wilde | Books

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