The Ancient Ukrainian Art of Pysanky Making

Julia Lasica | Comment

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Mark Vernon’s Thought for the Week

Mark Vernon | Comment

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Charles Handy: Hubris leads to failure

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Jarvis Cocker headlines Idler Festival

Victoria Hull | Idle Thoughts

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The vanity of the middle-aged man

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Sherlock Holmes as idler

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Book of the Week: Every Family Has a Story

Julia Samuel | Books

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How to Deal with Envy When it Strikes

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

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Book of the Week: Shadowlands

Matthew Green | Books

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The Importance of Leaving Well Alone

Charles Handy | Comment

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New Idler Out Now


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Book of the Week: Kobzar by Taras Shevchenko

Julia Lasica | Books

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Book of the Week: Odyssey by Harry Mount

Harry Mount | Books

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On Freedom and Ukraine

Mark Vernon | Comment

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UK’s Five Best Cherry Blossoms

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How to Give a Speech

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Milton’s Wild Years

Joe Moshenska | Idler Magazine

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In Praise of Kropotkin, Russian Anarchist

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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Idler Retreat 2022


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Book of the Week: Bitch by Lucy Cooke

Lucy Cooke | Books

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The Birthplace of Democracy and Theatre

Harry Mount | Comment

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Disappointments of the Bohemian Parents

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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Book of the Week: Work Won’t Love You Back

Sarah Jaffe | Books

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My Old Mac Has Finally Died

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

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