Idle Pleasures: Slouching

Dan Kieran | Books

It’s a leisurely two fingers up to the productive classes… Read more

Merry-making goes underground

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

We’ve always fought for our right to party, says Tom Hodgkinson… Read more

Charles Handy: beware wilful blindness


The importance of facing up to reality… Read more

Roger Phillips on truffles, tulips and pansies

Roger Phillips | Food

Foraging lessons from the master… Read more

Book of the Week: Reveries of the Solitary Walker

Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Books

Rousseau finds happiness in idling… Read more

Idle Pleasures: Waiting for the Tea to Brew

Dan Kieran | Comment

The best things in life are free… Read more

Is the time right for a new Beveridge?

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

Ending poverty by basic income is affordable and desirable… Read more

Charles Handy: On being wrong

Charles Handy | Comment

The importance of decent doubt… Read more

Basic income now!

Guy Standing | Comment

Guy Standing on an idler-friendly policy… Read more

The case for a slow economy

Andrew Simms | Idler Magazine

Andrew Simms is hoping for a more sensible economy post corona… Read more

Interview: Armando Iannucci

Tom Hodgkinson | Idler Magazine

Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson introduces his interview with Armando Iannucci

When lockdown began, we at… Read more

Inside Bernard Shaw’s writing shed

Alex Johnson | Idler Magazine

Alex Johnson on George Bernard Shaw’s writing retreat… Read more

Why do tech tycoons go guru-like?

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

Tom Hodgkinson on when billionaires get holy… Read more

Idler 73, July/August 2020

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• lessons in self-sufficiency from editor Tom Hodgkinson

• interview with comedy genius Armando Iannucci

•… Read more

Charles Handy: Work less, think more

Charles Handy | Comment

Like the butterfly twitching its wings, your afterlife will touch others… Read more

In praise of the sloth

Lucy Cooke | Zoology

Slow and steady wins the race, says Lucy Cooke… Read more

Online course of the week: Jazz with Sandy Burnett


Live and direct from the Vortex… Read more

Anarchy in the USA

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

Tom Hodgkinson on Seattle and Prince Kropotkin… Read more

Idle Pleasures: Strolling through the City

Tom Hodgkinson | Books

Be a flâneur… Read more

Charles Handy: the pleasures of solitude

Charles Handy | Comment

It’s time with someone who understands you… Read more

Psi and the limits of science

Mark Vernon | Comment

Mark Vernon loves Jeffrey Kripal’s new book on “psi” phenomena… Read more

Corporate layoffs: rejoice or sob?

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

Tom Hodgkinson asks whether redundancy can lead to freedom… Read more

Charles Handy: get past stereotypes

Charles Handy | Comment

It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at… Read more

The subtle joys of underachievement

Jonathan Rowson | Comment

A chess champion on why he’s glad he didn’t make it to the top… Read more