How Socrates can teach us how to die

Mark Vernon | Idler Magazine

Embrace the ultimate idling, says Mark Vernon… Read more

Want to be idle? Join a corporation


Turn up, slack off, cash in… Read more

How to like classical music

Sandy Burnett | Classical music

Sandy Burnett’s course provides the key… Read more

Idler 72, May/June 2020

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Will Hodgkinson on how… Read more

How to be frugal

Robert Wringham | Comment

Tips from our own money-saving expert… Read more

Obituary: Ian Whitcomb, musician

Travis Elborough | Obituary

Travis Elborough pays tribute… Read more

How P.G. Wodehouse will save our souls

Gustav Temple | Comment

Gustav Temple on the soothing joys of Bertie Wooster… Read more

Why work is good – in small doses

Brendan Burchell | Comment

The future is part-time, says Brendan Burchell… Read more

My failed campaign against Amazon

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Is it possible to escape the clutches of Bezos?… Read more

How to create the idle home

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Tom Hodgkinson on temples of indolence… Read more

Dear Virginia: my partner’s panic is driving me mad

Virginia Ironside | Comment

Virginia Ironside addresses a reader’s problem… Read more

The man who lived in a wall

Dr Matthew Green | History

Voluntary self-isolation in 14th century London… Read more

Stop the machine!

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

E.M. Forster foresees a world of human isolation and tech dominance… Read more

TV: Tiger King is garish, jaw-dropping, ghastly

Peter Fincham | Comment

Joe Exotic is pure television gold, says Peter Fincham… Read more

Ronald Hutton on Tudor lock-down

Ronald Hutton | Comment

How Shakespeare used plague time to get productive… Read more

Mark Vernon’s Easter sermon

Mark Vernon | Comment

What is the meaning of eternal life?… Read more

A home working guide for the ill-disciplined

Saša Jankovic | Comment

We look to the medieval anchorites for efficiency tips… Read more

Social distancing during the Black Death

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Tom Hodgkinson on self-isolation in the 14th century… Read more

“Oh! that I had a letter from William!”

Pamela Clemit | Essays

Pamela Clemit celebrates the importance of letters in the Romantic era… Read more

A Drink With Dominic West

On Thursday evening 23rd April actor Dominic West will be in conversation live with… Read more

Coronavirus: what it’s like and how to cope

Will Hodgkinson | Comment

Will Hodgkinson got it and has recovered: here is his story… Read more

Epicurean sympathies

John Davie | Idle Thoughts

John Davie finds solace in Horace… Read more

Good Book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Dan Kieran | Comment

Turn off Twitter and imbibe some Stoic wisdom… Read more

Craig Brown: Hunger game

Craig Brown | Comment

When Scrabble loses its appeal, try the Fruit Game… Read more