The Lost Trains of Tripoli

Flora Neville | Idler Magazine

Flora Neville finds the shades of TE Lawrence and the Ottoman Empire in the… Read more

Idler 70, Jan/Feb 2020

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Rowan Williams: Read. Sleep. Pray. Repeat. Life lessons from a former archbishop

Sick of working?… Read more

Christmas Sermon

Idle Thoughts

Mark Vernon on the real meaning of the nativity story… Read more

Christmas is about anarchy and childishness

Tom Hodgkinson | Comment

Tom Hodgkinson on the story of Christmas and its true meaning… Read more

Book of the Week: Dominion

Tom Holland | Books

Christianity’s enduring influence on the Western mind … Read more

An Idler’s Guide to the General Election

Florence Read

How to vote if you love to loaf… Read more

Why can’t people flatten cardboard boxes?

Idle Thoughts

Tom Hodgkinson’s plea for a flat packing revolution… Read more

Book of the Week: It Gets Worse

Nicholas Lezard | Books

Nicholas Lezard stands up for lying down… Read more

Book of the Week: The Happiness Problem


Why we need to find new ways to be cheery… Read more

Death of a Cat

Tom Hodgkinson | Idle Talk

An ode to the idlest creature in the animal kingdom… Read more

NEWS: Oregon to Legalise Magic Mushrooms

Robin Carhart-Harris | Idle Thoughts

But UK way behind, says researcher Robin Carhart-Harris
Read more

NEWS: Less work is the best green policy, says think tank

Idle Thoughts

Researchers release damning report on the working week… Read more

Book of the Week: In Praise of Florence

Leonardo Bruni | Books

Leonardo Bruni’s love letter to the destination of the next Idler Retreat… Read more

Brett Anderson wins Idler of the Year Award

Tom Hodgkinson | Letter from the Editor

And Priti Patel wins the Anti-Idler award… Read more

Book of the Week: Don’t Be Evil

Rana Foroohar | Books

The moral decline of big tech… Read more

The Science of Psychedelics

Get high on knowledge with Dr Robin Carhart-Harris… Read more

Idler 69, November/December 2019

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Emma Thompson: ‘Fame is the most toxic thing’
Commons People: Restore our ancient rights, says… Read more

Book of the Week: On Dogs

Notting Hill Editions | Books

30 short essays on the ups and downs of dog ownership… Read more

Give us back our commons

Guy Standing | Idler Magazine

Guy Standing wants to restore our ancient rights… Read more

Interview: Emma Thompson

Idler Magazine

The actor and activist talks fame and family with Tom Hodgkinson… Read more

Highland fling

Idler Magazine

Lee Osborne escapes to a bothy… Read more

Book of the Week: Afternoons with the Blinds Drawn

Brett Anderson | Books

Memories of the music industry by Suede frontman Brett Anderson… Read more

Dominic Cummings’ terrible dress sense

Gustav Temple | Comment

Why can’t he make fashion happen?… Read more

Return from retreat

Idle Thoughts

Musings on the art of coming home… Read more