Leave those kids alone

Tanith Carey | Education

When did parenting become such hard work? Tanith Carey blames Freud, exams and scientists… Read more

Video: Penny Rimbaud of Crass

Idle Talk

“Baking bread and writing a poem are the same thing to me”… Read more

Out on the town: The High Llamas have written a play

Julian Mash

Sean O’Hagan and The High Llamas present a new play, Here Come The Rattling Trees… Read more

Sleeping Cats: Socrates

idle animals

Your pics of felines in the Land of Nod… Read more

How to keep bees the easy way

Bill Anderson

Urban apiarist Bill Anderson craves a different kind of buzz… Read more

How to join the Bitcoin revolution

Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby gets dis-intermediated… Read more

Interview with a utopian: Tigrilla from Damanhur

David Bramwell meets the woman who believes that plants can sing… Read more

Freud the sceptic

Mark Vernon

IT’S 75 years since Freud died. He is one of the shining examples of a modern day sceptic, following in the path of the ancient Greeks… Read more

Course report: of mice and men

Taxidermist Mabel Edwards taught fifteen newbies how to stuff a mouse… Read more

Video: In search of utopia

Idle Talk

Treehouse dwellers and sex cults… Read more

Sermon: Cardinal Newman on feasts and fasts


“Christianity is made of beauty and severity”… Read more

Event report: Luke Johnson on the art of business

Idler staff

Tips, anecdotes and inspiration from the noted entrepreneur… Read more

Two cheering poems for National Poetry Day

Rachel Kelly

Author Rachel Kelly chooses Gerard Manley Hopkins and George Herbert… Read more

Crap, Toss and the schoolboy spirit

Dan Kieran

The Idler’s former dep. ed. celebrates ten years of Modern Toss… Read more

Short Story: Each of Us by Ben Moor

“Rivals the best of Douglas Adams,” the Guardian… Read more

I have a boring dream: Britons shall be slaves

Tom Hodgkinson

David Cameron’s vision of the future is thoroughly fun-free and depressing… Read more

Idler of the Week: TV presenter Charlo Greene


Says: “F*** it, I quit,” on air and goes off to smoke weed… Read more

Video: Chris Difford of Squeeze

John Mitchinson | Idle Talk

Chris Difford, co-writer of Squeeze hits like “Cool for Cats”, “Up the Junction” and… Read more

Sleeping Cats: Lunar

idle animals

Your pictures of slumbering pussycats… Read more

Idlers forgotten again by Tories


David Cameron calls Tories a “trade union for hardworking people”… Read more

Work seriously damages your health, say scientists

Andrew Smart | News

The latest science shows overwork is as dangerous as smoking… Read more

Idle Thought for the Day: Oscar Wilde on the importance of doing nothing

Idle Thoughts

“Unlimited and absolute is the vision of him who sits at ease and watches, who walks in loneliness and dreams.”… Read more

Gwynne’s Grammar Tip No 2

N. M. Gwynne | Grammar

Sentences, clauses and phrases defined… Read more