Sleeping Cats 2: Leo

idle animals

Pictures of dozing felines… Read more

Sermon: G. K. Chesterton on thrift


“Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste.”… Read more

Recipe: 24-Hour Glazed Roast Pork Belly in Cider


Slow food from Cooking for Chaps… Read more

The day we won University Challenge

And destroyed the Financial Times in the process… Read more

Against government: Kropotkin’s definition of anarchism


The Russian prince wrote this essay on anarchy for the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica… Read more

A few of my favourite books: Mark Ellen


We asked the legendary music journalist for his top five rock books ever… Read more

Rowley Leigh: Letter from Hong Kong

Rowley Leigh | News

“You could not hope to see a nicer lot”… Read more

Essay: Bring on the Four Day Working Week

Tom Hodgkinson | Essays

Richard Branson and business leaders agree: we need more time to relax… Read more

Tesco is paying the price for its overweening ambition

Andrew Simms | Comment

Says economist Andrew Simms… Read more

Old Word of the Day: Frampold


FRAMPOLD. Cross; ill-humoured. It has been explained as a Sussex word for “fretful, peevish”…. Read more

How to choose a hobby: a guide for husbands

Tim Dowling

In this extract from How to the Husband, Dowling gives a guide to choosing a hobby… Read more

Sleeping Cats 1: Donald

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We publish your pictures of dormant felines. This week: Donald… Read more

Old Word of the Day: Dormedory

A sleepy, stupid, inactive person (Herefordshire dialect)… Read more

When the drugs don’t work, try poetry and walking instead

Rachel Kelly | Depression

Rachel Kelly puts the case against Prozac, first punted out to melancholics in 1987… Read more

How to Quit Your Job

Robert Wringham | Freedom

Rob Wringham is writing a roadmap for escape… Read more

Event report: Charles Spencer on Charles I

Charles Spencer | History

A fascinating talk at St Stephen’s Church… Read more

St Augustine on education


“Free curiosity has more force in our learning than frightful enforcement.”… Read more

Video: Michael Palin on fifty years without a proper job

Idle Talk

A warm and witty discussion of a random life… Read more

Sermon: C. S. Lewis on Christianity & atheism


In which the celebrated Narnia author attacks atheists as children… Read more

I camped on the roof of a London shopping centre for charity

Matthew De Abaitua | Essays

What an unbelievably stupid idea… Read more

Sleeping Dogs: Faustino

Sleeping Dogs

Your pictures of slumbering canines… Read more

Ah, is this not happiness?


Happy moments No 2, in which Chin sells gold for wine… Read more

Readers’ Letters: Out of Office Forever


“Your book made me realise that my life was not the tsunami of failure it appeared”… Read more

Sleeping Dogs: Max

Sleeping Dogs

We asked Idler readers to send in pictures of their slumbering canines… Read more