Old Word of the Day: Dormedory

A sleepy, stupid, inactive person (Herefordshire dialect)… Read more

When the drugs don’t work, try poetry and walking instead

Rachel Kelly | Depression

Rachel Kelly puts the case against Prozac, first punted out to melancholics in 1987… Read more

How to Quit Your Job

Robert Wringham | Freedom

Rob Wringham is writing a roadmap for escape… Read more

Event report: Charles Spencer on Charles I

Charles Spencer | History

A fascinating talk at St Stephen’s Church… Read more

St Augustine on education


“Free curiosity has more force in our learning than frightful enforcement.”… Read more

Video: Michael Palin on fifty years without a proper job

Idle Talk

A warm and witty discussion of a random life… Read more

Sermon: C. S. Lewis on Christianity & atheism


In which the celebrated Narnia author attacks atheists as children… Read more

I camped on the roof of a London shopping centre for charity

Matthew De Abaitua | Essays

What an unbelievably stupid idea… Read more

Sleeping Dogs: Faustino

Sleeping Dogs

Your pictures of slumbering canines… Read more

Ah, is this not happiness?


Happy moments No 2, in which Chin sells gold for wine… Read more

Readers’ Letters: Out of Office Forever


“Your book made me realise that my life was not the tsunami of failure it appeared”… Read more

Sleeping Dogs: Max

Sleeping Dogs

We asked Idler readers to send in pictures of their slumbering canines… Read more

Perfect Day: Books, wine and sleep

From our readers | Perfect Day

A correspondent from the Netherlands describes a day of high quality idling… Read more

Video: Tim Lott on Alan Watts

Tim Lott | Eastern philosophy

The philosopher who brought Eastern thinking to the West… Read more

Essay: Ovid the feminist

Clare Pollard | Classical literature

Clare Pollard discovers strong women in Ovid’s poetry… Read more

Dr Johnson’s birthday yesterday

Dr Johnson's Idler

The great lexicographer teased Scotland mercilessly… Read more

Video: Meet Jón Gnarr, Icelandic anarchist in the UK


The Crass fan tells the extraordinary story of how he became mayor of Reykjavik… Read more

Gwynne’s Grammar Tip No 1: The Parts of Speech


And why Steven Pinker is a dullard… Read more

Video: “What are they all TALKING about?” Michael Palin on mobile phones


See Palin rage against the machine in our recent Idler interview… Read more

Jeremy Paxman: full-length video


A long, rambling and undisciplined conversation between Jeremy Paxman and Tom Hodgkinson… Read more

Lucy Cooke on the amazing sloth

Lucy Cooke | Zoology

The BBC zoologist defends the much-maligned sloth, the slowest but cutest of animals… Read more

News: the lazy live longer, say scientists

Idler staff | News

Study of sparrows finds hard workers die young… Read more

Idle Thought for the Day from Robert Louis Stevenson

Idle Thoughts

“PERPETUAL devotion to what a man calls his business, is only to be sustained… Read more

Old Word of the Day: Drumble

DRUMBLE: To be sluggish; to be confused in doing anything; to mumble. It was… Read more