Browse beautiful, useful, and handmade things at our Good Stuff market stalls, dotted around the house and the gardens. Below is a list of the stalls that will be appearing at the Idler Festival this year.

CIVIL BLOCK MICROSOAPERY make a range of Small Batch Soap, by hand, using a process inspired by the Traditional British Soapery from over 200 years ago. Synthetic free, they are suitable for Vegans, made only with raw base oils and plant extracts.  From MENTAL BLOCK (Nettle + Lemongrass), to BREEZE BLOCK (Black Pepper + Pumice) and the fragrance-free BEAR BLOCK (Salted Porridge), each soap is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks, and is packaged completely plastic free in boxes made on site.

GOFF COURTNEY creates contemporary sartorial solutions that add a flattering flourish, comfort and protection. Vintage and new garments are distilled into throw-ons and cover-ups, resulting in one-off statement pieces. The timeless ‘softwear’ pieces encompass jacket scarves and aprons, hybrid bolero blouses, cardi-coats and capelets, textile necklaces, collars and cuffs – created by transforming traditional tailoring, shirting, knitwear and outerwear. Age, size and gender-free. For changeable climes, lifestyles – and waistlines!

SOCKO combines traditional manufacturing techniques with waste to produce luxurious unisex socks and beautifully designed tools for clothing care. All Socko socks are made by a family run business in the UK using off-cuts of yarn that may otherwise have ended up in landfill or recycled materials. Socko is on a mission to extend the active life of clothing by re-teaching the lost art of darning. This is why each pair of Socko socks comes with a swatch of yarn and a darning needle.

STATE 51 CONSPIRACY is an independent, one-stop music company. They run a record label and work across product design, video production, and graphic design. Their award-winning Atelier makes artisanal, hand-crafted pieces that transcend the limitations of the traditional music industry. Their work with artists such as Donovan (a circular leather attaché case to house a unique, engraved single-sided lathe cut of ‘Sunshine Superman’) and Kate Bush (a wall-mounted work of art) blur the lines between records, art and high-end collector’s items. 

ODD makes luxury garden swing seats known as ‘Old Rockers’. They are made in England in limited numbers every year alongside other idyllic garden furniture and fabrics. Dubbed ‘king of the swingers’ by the Idler, ODD’s rockers make the most comfortable of settings for outdoor idling, letting you while away the summer in blissful repose. Try one for yourself in the Orchard at Fenton House.

VICTORIA AND ME make the most strongly scented candles using the finest natural ingredients such as coconut wax and essential oils. They also have a range of handmade body oils, bath salt , hand and body lotion. They make each product with overall wellbeing in mind. 

KAIROS is a new central London space focused on radical ideas for social and cultural change in response to the climate and nature crises. At Kairos all discussion begins with the assumption that humanity is entering a period of unprecedented transformation. Through talks and convivial discussions over food, we explore diverse, emerging ideas that can help us to rethink and reshape our world.

PARIS 68 REDUX began as a project to reframe and represent artwork from the Paris 1968 student uprising, highlighting its continued relevance and the work still to be done in creating a more equitable society. Utilising appropriated imagery, text, and memorabilia such as vintage newspapers, Paris 68 Redux are able to distill the energy and urgency of the original protests through their print-based practice.

LONDON DRAWING will take you back in time to discover your Renaissance Self! Anne and Susannah from London Drawing will weave their travel cushion, paper cup, and pillowcase magic to create beautiful, smartphone-based photographic portraits in Renaissance style—with you as the sitter! Join London Drawing in the attic of Fenton House for #RenaissanceSelfie portraits you can share on social media or frame.

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