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Free your mind

We are more than just a magazine. We are a community of curious, enquiring individuals who are looking for fun and fulfilment. Our online course programme offers classes and courses in our three subject areas of philosophy, husbandry and merriment. With us, you can learn about Socrates and the history of London, take a meditation course, discover the latest science on psychedelics, and get to grips with psychoanalysis or Jane Austen.

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Libertas per cultum

Our Latin motto means “freedom through education” We believe that fulfilment and pleasure come from learning and laughter.

“Better than drugs”
Emma Thompson

“The Idler’s appeal and relevance seem to increase by the day”
Michael Palin

“The Idler offers me the chance to learn about everything that really matters and a respite for what we are told really matters – like working hard for your boss”
Dominic West