Antonia Fraser

Narrative historian Antonia Fraser lives in London and has six children and eighteen grandchildren.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

“The Idler Academy is better than drugs,” says actress Emma Thompson. “And I should know, I’ve tried a few.” Tom Hodgkinson invited Emma to become a patron of the Idler Academy after visiting her local bookshop in West Hampstead and discovering that she had ordered multiple copies of his first book, How to be Idle.

Michael Palin

Michael has been a great support to the Idler and its various projects, giving interviews and inviting Tom on the radio to talk about being a flâneur. In our Idler’s Library you can see an hour long live interview with Michael where he discusses life without a proper job.

Louie Theroux_WR

Louis Theroux

Documentary-maker Louis has been writing for the Idler since it began in 1993. He has interviewed a number of notable characters for the magazine, including David Soul, Bill Oddie and Colin Wilson.

John Mitchinson

John is Director of Information at QI and co-founder of crowd publishing company Unbound. He regularly lectures at the Idler Academy on such disparate subjects as William Morris, laudanum and Lent

Lucy Burley

Lucy Birley

Former model Lucy is now a photographer and horsewoman. She has four children, Otis, Merlin, Isaac and Tara.

John Lloyd_WR

John Lloyd

John is the founder of QI and produced Not The Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image and Blackadder. He is a philosopher and a fan of curiosity and Alan Watts.