Evening Standard reports our crowdfunding success

20 May | Press clipping

“The Idler’s philosophy is the perfect antidote to noise, fury and vapidity of so much of life,” said investor Dominic Armstrong, “a pure radio beacon in an age of static, a rose garden for the soul.”

Sunday Times, March 2011

13 Sep | Press clipping

A piece by Tom on the correct use of leisure which was published in the Sunday Times Style section

Evening Standard, May 2013

12 Sep | External link

Here’s a link to a story in the Evening Standard Londoner’s Diary about our first ever Bad Grammar Award in 2013

London Town blog

12 Sep | External link

From the London Town blog, a nice piece about the Idler Academy

Time Out, April 2014

12 Sep | External link

A piece from Time Out announcing the shortlist for our 2014 Bad Grammar Award