A Drink with The Idler | Julie Peakman on Sex in Georgian London

Julie Peakman on Sex in Georgian London


Join “A Drink with the Idler” as we talk to historian Julie Peakman about the sex lives of women in London from 1680 to 1830, the period known as the long eighteenth century

In her forthcoming book Libertine London Julie uncovers the experiences of women, whether mistresses, adulteresses or those involved in the sex trade. From renowned courtesans to downtrodden streetwalkers, she examines the multifaceted lives of these women within brothels, on stage and even behind bars.

Using new research into court transcripts, asylum records, magazines, pamphlets, satires, songs, theatre plays and erotica from the time Julie reveals sex in Georgian London from the women’s points of view. She undercuts the traditional image of a bawdy eighteenth century to expose a more sordid underside of women’s lives left distressed, ostracized and vilified for their sexual behaviour.

“A wide-ranging and richly illustrated guide to the fascinating sexual cultures of eighteenth-century London.” Fara Dabhoiwala, author of The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

“The Georgians did not invent sex but they were the first to explore publicly all its permutations. To discover more, read Julie Peakman’s frank and enticing study.” Penelope J. Corfield, Emeritus Professor, London University, and author of The Georgians: The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th-Century Britain

Julie will be chatting to Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler. We’ll have philosophical insight from Dr Mark Vernon and the discussion will be followed by a live Q&A. Your host will be Idler Academy director Victoria Hull.

This is an online event. It should be like meeting up in the pub for an interesting conversation. We leave the meeting open at the end so you can carry on chatting.

Julie Peakman is a historian and author of many books on the history of sexuality. She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Honorary Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is a frequent contributor to academic journals, national newspapers and popular magazines and has worked on television documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and the Biography Channel.

Tom Hodgkinson is editor of the Idler and author of the best-selling manuals, How to Be Idle and How to Be Free. Other books include a book on parenting, the Ukulele Handbook and a manual for creative entrepreneurs, Business for Bohemians.

Dr Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist, writer, broadcaster, and teacher. He presents several Idler Academy online courses. He has a PhD in philosophy, and degrees in theology and physics. His most recent books include – The Idler Guide To Ancient Philosophy (Idler Books), Love: All That Matters (Hodder) and Jung: How To Believe (Guardian Shorts) – and he has books on friendship, belief and the good life too. Mark can often be heard on Moral Maze. He began his professional life as a priest in the Church of England. For more visit, www.markvernon.com

Victoria Hull is director of The Idler Academy, producing the Idler’s live and online events and courses.

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Drinks with the Idler have kept me sane.

A fabulous Idler Drinks — thanks Tom, Victoria, Mark and idlers everywhere!

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Short yet so sweet, delightful and interesting… uplifting intelligent conversation. I feel so happy to have stumbled upon The Idler. I bow to you all☺️⭐️

Drinks with the Idler has turned out to be one of our lifelines! Such fun, wonderful commentary by you and the remarkable Mark, not to mention the delightful Victoria. 

A great way to round off another year of Drinks, raise a glass to Christmas and to 2024!!

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