Online Beekeeping Course Bundle


Welcome to Bill Anderson’s Guide to Idle Beekeeping

From building a hive to harvesting honey, urban beekeeper Bill Anderson shows aspiring beekeepers how to keep bees the idle way. We’ll visit Bill’s rooftop apiary in London where he keeps his minimum interference Warré hives. These low-tech, low maintenance, bee-friendly “People’s Hives” were developed by French clergyman Abbé Warré a hundred years ago. They demand only two interventions a year, in spring and in autumn – that’s good for the bees, and less work for the beekeeper.

Get started in beekeeping with Idler Academy’s online Beekeeping Course Bundle. Buy Parts One and Two together and save £10 on RRP.

In Part One, you’ll learn what to do with your hives in spring. Bill covers the philosophy and history behind the Warré hive, the life cycle of the bee, how to catch a swarm and how to build a bait hive. You will also learn what to do when a swarm moves in and how to insulate your hive to keep your bees happy. In Part Two, Bill teaches you what to do with your hive in autumn. He shows you how to build a hive, how to harvest the honey and how to extract the honeycomb. You will learn to make delicious mead and collect beeswax for candles.