How to Cook Ghanaian with Zoe Adjonyoh

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Zoe Adjonyoh is on a mission to share West African food with the masses. Here she brings her delicious and easy Ghanaian recipes with the Idler Academy.

The Ghanaian-Irish writer and cook from South-East London deepened her love of West African cuisine during a trip to visit family in Ghana, where she spent time in her grandmother’s kitchen and learning from local cooks at the Kaneshi street market.

Described by The Observer as a “standard bearer for West African food”, Zoe has been celebrating the wonderful food of the region with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen since 2011, running sell-out supperclubs at her home in Hackney Wick and hosting pop ups in London and at festivals across the country.

In this online course, you’ll learn to cook six of Zoe’s signature dishes that use typical Ghanaian spices, ingredients and techniques, from street food staple Kelewele to bean and cowpea stew Red Red. The video lessons come with pdf recipes and access to the community forum, where you can ask Zoe questions and share your own recipe ideas with other students.


Lesson 1: Goat Shocko (24 mins)
This mildly spiced hearty goat stew is the definition of comfort food.

Lesson 2: Sobolo (8 mins)
An incredibly refreshing drink made from the vibrant dried flowers of the red sorrel plant – ideal for summertime parties.

Lesson 3: Red Red (20 mins)
Cowpea stew cooked in a gently spiced tomato sauce – a great vegan dish, eaten all day long in Ghana.

Lesson 4: Chinchinga (12 mins)
The lyrically named steak Chinchinga is Ghana’s answer to shish kebab.

Lesson 5: Kelewele (9 mins)
A simple and quick side dish of spiced and fried plantain – a common street food snack across Ghana.

Lesson 6: Light Pepper Soup (17 mins)
A spicy pepper soup served with avocado and cucumber salsa.

About the tutor

Zoe Adjonyoh is a writer and cook from South-East London. Her pop-up restaurant and supper club has been making waves in the foodie scene – both in London and Berlin – bringing traditional and contemporary Ghanaian food to an audience outside of the Ghanaian community. Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen appears at streetfood markets, pop-ups and festivals across Europe, as well as providing cookery classes and being an established event caterer. A writer by trade, Adjonyoh insists she’s not a chef, and chooses to focus on homemade favourites and traditional flavours. Born to a Ghanaian father and Irish mother, Adjonyoh deepened her understanding of West African cuisine after a trip to visit her extended family in Ghana, where she spent time in her grandmother’s kitchen, explored the famous Kaneshi street market, and met with cooks who shared with her their own takes on tradition. Zoe completed her MA in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmith’s University.