How to Escape with Robert Wringham

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Ever wanted to escape once and for all? This quick course is an introduction to doing just that! Robert Wringham (author of Escape Everything! and editor of New Escapologist magazine) examines the trap that binds so many of us to lives of tiresome work and empty consumerism, and offers suggestions on how to break free.

Be like Houdini, he says, and escape with a sense of aplomb, with a studious eye, and always in the spirit of adventure.

Course Outline


Module One: Escape Work

Module Two: Escape Consumerism

Module Three: Escape Bureaucracy

Module Four: Escape your own Stupid Brain


About the tutor

Robert Wringham is the author of Escape Everything!A Loose Egg, and You Are Nothing. For ten years was the editor of New Escapologist magazine. He lives in Scotland and Canada.