How to Live and Eat like an Italian with Kamin Mohammadi

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Find yourself looking wistfully at photographs of Italy, drenched in sun and full of good food and fortune? Bring the pleasures of the Mediterranean into your life, wherever you are, with this series of lessons on the bella figura.

The bella figura is an Italian concept based on embracing the beauty and joy of life which author Kamin Mohammadi has reimagined as a lifestyle philosophy in her book Bella Figura: How To Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way. It is a method for enjoying life in every moment while at the same time effortlessly improving our physical and mental health, all while we savour delicious Italian food, wine and gelato.

This seven-part course teaches you how to find your inner Italian, with lessons on the extraordinary benefits of extra virgin olive oil; how to shop and eat as Italians do and why that’s good for our health, and the rewards of slowing down and of bathing in nature. Kamin even teaches us how to make the absolutely perfect cappuccino at home, without the need for a fancy machine.

The Bella Figura online course shares Kamin’s tips for making every day full of small pleasures. It offers practical tools for effortless ways to increase our sense of happiness and wellbeing. It is an experiential Italian wellbeing guide for the idle.

The course is laid out in seven lessons:

1) Coffee: the art of the perfect cappuccino (10:35)

2) Olive oil: the secret to Italian longevity – and great skin (16:35)

3) How – and what – to eat: Italian superfoods (22:50)

4) Festina Lente: in haste, slowness (10:18)

5) Walk tall, look up: the importance of good posture (14:50)

6) Find your community, and never need a gym again (11:20)

7) Seek out nature: forest bathing (10:35)

About the tutor

Kamin Mohammadi is a writer, journalist, editor, broadcaster, yoga teacher, Reiki healer, massage therapist/bodyworker and olive farmer based in Tuscany. She has published two books, The Cypress Tree and Bella Figura: How To Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way (both published in UK by Bloomsbury) hosts yoga retreats in Tuscany and leads Bella Figura tours and experiences in Florence and Tuscany. She has run Bella Figura workshops in the UK, Bali and Pakistan. Find out more at her website: