Meet the Tutor: John-Paul Flintoff

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Meet How To Write tutor John-Paul Flintoff for an exclusive live Q&A session 

This is a special event for Idler Academy members and students of the How To Write Idler Academy course. ‘How To Write’ students can meet tutor John-Paul Flintoff and ask for writing advice. So prep your questions and join us at 5pm BST on Tuesday 15 June 2021.

Exclusively for Academy Members and ‘How To Write’ online course Students. To join this event, please enrol on ‘How to Write with John-Paul Flintoff‘ by clicking ‘BUY NOW’ or join the Idler Academy by 10 June. You will then receive an email invitation to the event.

About the Course

One of the best ways to become a writer is to sneak up on yourself by doing practice, and suddenly find that you’re writing. And one of the best ways to practise how to write is to learn from great writers – particularly your own favourites.

In this course with journalist and author John-Paul Flintoff, you’ll quickly set aside worries about being “any good”, and get on with finding your voice.

Over the course of six video lessons, you’ll discover why it helps to have an ideal reader in mind, even if they never read your work; how to structure complex pieces of writing using mind maps; avoid testing your reader’s patience with clunking sentences, and keep their interest with cliff-hangers which needn’t involve guns or howling wolves.

Using exercises drawn from centuries-old training in rhetoric as well as modern avant-garde techniques, you’ll play with unexpected combinations of form and content, and internalise entertaining and persuasive figures of speech, to draw on whenever you need them.

You’ll emerge from the course with new skills, having had a thoroughly good time. John-Paul will bring you great confidence and a raft of tried and trusted techniques.

How to Write is a practical and inspiring course suitable for anyone who does any sort of writing at all.

It is perfect for those who want to write as well as those who are already writing – whether fiction, non-fiction, essays, journalism, website copy, or simply persuasive emails.

About the Tutor

John-Paul Flintoff is a writer, mostly.

He’s published six books, including memoir, fiction and non-fiction (most recently A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech). He worked for several years as feature writer and editor on The Sunday Times and Financial Times.

He is also an illustrator and theatrical improviser, and draws on those disciplines in his writing work. He’s also a veteran of group and one-to-one therapy (as patient, which he mentions during the course), and believes that self-expression always feels risky. “I will be chuffed if even one person does this course and becomes a more confident writer as a result of it,” he says.