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Give an Idler Online Course to a friend.

Would you like to give a brilliant online course to a friend or relation? With the Idler’s online course gift card they could start it right now. Maybe you would like them to do the course at the same time as you and meet you in the course forum. Or you could time the gift for their birthday, Christmas or any other special date you choose.

The Idler is devoted to helping people to lead more fulfilled lives. We want you to Slow Down, Have Fun and Live Well!  The Idler Academy online course are aimed at helping you do just that. They are all led by top experts in their fields and filmed and produced carefully by the Idler team.

Some of our most popular courses to choose from are:

How to be Idle with Tom Hodgkinson

How To Live and Eat Like and Italian with Kamin Mohammadi

An Introduction to Classical Music with Sandy Burnett

A History of London with Dr Matthew Green

Dante’s Divine Comedy in 100 Images with Mark Vernon

Or browse the whole Academy library here.

How to buy:

Just select the Gift Card Amount from the drop down menu on the right (online courses cost £42 each unless they are on sale).

Once you click ‘Buy Now’, you’ll be able to enter the recipient’s email address and a personal greeting. You can enter multiple email addresses if you would like to purchase giftcards for multiple friends – the amount will be the same. You can choose to set a specific delivery date or to send the gift card immediately.

The recipient will be sent a personalised email and a voucher code on the chosen date, which they can redeem against any online course from our library.

Happy Idling!