Self-Publish Your Book (beautifully) with Simon Petherick

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Learn how to publish your own book with writer and publisher Simon Petherick 

Have you always dreamt of publishing your own book, but been unsure where to start? This is the moment to do it. Everyone has a book in them so they say and we believe that it’s true. But after writing it, how do you get your magnum opus out into the world?

Join publisher and editor Simon Petherick as he walks you through the process of self-publishing a book. In this practical and inspiring guide, Simon takes you through the considerations that anyone publishing a book needs to know about. Beginning with how to define the aim of your book and ending with how to publicise and market it, this course takes you through your publication’s entire lifespan.

In nine lessons, you’ll get to grips with the nitty gritty of budgeting for publication; you’ll learn the difference between A format and B format; why there’s controversy over the length of an em dash; the tricks for persuading a retailer to stock your book;  where to go to find a good proof-reader and the resources you’ll need to teach yourself typesetting.

Simon Petherick is a publisher and writer who was originally trained at the Central Office of Information where he wrote government information material. A novelist, screenwriter and non-fiction writer, he has published a number of books including  The Power Of The Mind, which he wrote with hypnotist Joe Keeton; travel guides and business titles; novels including  The Last Good Man and English Arcadia. For seven years he ran an independent book publishing company which published 110 books, including a Costa Award winner for fiction and the winner of the Mojo Magazine Book of Year. He writes occasional pieces for the Idler magazine and has an old sailing boat moored in Cornwall.

The course outline:

Lesson 1: What do you want? (5 minutes) 

What are you looking to achieve with your book? Defining the terms of success and failure will dictate the path ahead.

Lesson 2: The choices available to you (5 minutes) 

Simon explains where to go to find editors, typesetters and other professional help, and what rates you should expect to pay.

Lesson 3: Objectives and Costings (8 minutes)

Where do you want your book to be available? And what do you want it to look like? Establishing a vision of the book you’d like is key to the next stages.

Lesson 4: Editorial and Typesetting (21 minutes)

Simon runs through the key elements of editorial preparation and discusses the art of typesetting.

Lesson 5: Format (43 minutes)

Paperback or hardback? A format or B format? Simon talks you through the key decisions every publisher needs to make regarding format.

Lesson 6: Legals (15 minutes)

Copyright clearances; Libel; illustration permissions. Simon discusses the legal considerations for publishing a book.

Lesson 7: Retail (29 minutes)

How to make your book available to market. How to get an ISBN number and barcodes; talking to Amazon and bookshops.

Lesson 8: Publicity and Marketing (17 minutes)

Simon discusses the self-publishing author’s most effective tools for promoting their book.

Lesson 9: Summary (7 minutes) 

Simon recaps what you’ve covered over the course of the lessons.