An Introduction to the History of Wine with Anne McHale MW

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What did wine taste like in Ancient Rome? How did Madeira acquire its distinctive style? What was Louis XIV’s favourite wine? And how did scientific progress in the nineteenth century impact wine-making? Join Anne McHale, Master of Wine, on a fascinating journey through the history of wine to answer these questions and more.

Over the course of seven video-based lessons, you’ll look at taste, religion, trade, science and technology, and you’ll even taste a few historic wine styles. You don’t have to get your hands on to these wines to get the most out of the course but Anne has chosen styles that are readily available – if you wish to join in, you’re most welcome.

The perfect course for wine lovers who would like to delve a little deeper into its rich past.

Course Outline

Session One: Introduction – 6.54 mins

Session Two: Taste – 13.07 mins

Session Three: Religion – 11.25 mins

Session Four: Politics and International Trade – 13.25 mins

Session Five: Science and Technology – 14.16 mins

Session Six: Provenance, Terroir and Brand – 12.57 mins

Session Seven: Conclusion – 6.22 mins