Beyond Mindfulness: Eastern Philosophy and Alan Watts with Tim Lott

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If you’ve ever wanted to explore the intellectual underpinnings of the mindfulness movement, then this is the course for you.

Across six video lectures, novelist and journalist Tim Lott relates the story of how he discovered the work of Alan Watts, the populariser of Buddhism in the West, and how it changed his life.

Tim goes on to relate the key concepts of Eastern philosophy, and comes up with his own attitude to life which he calls Zenism.

Come and join Tim, explore the colourful life of Alan Watts, and get a grip on the fundamental concepts that underlie the philosophy of the East.


A very interesting course. The best explanation of these concepts that I have come across. I thought the fairly low-key delivery was perfect.

I loved this lecture series and think anyone with even a mild interest in Eastern philosophy will enjoy this introduction to the wisdom of the east.

 I found this a really engaging series of talks. These ideas are new to me and have not been easy to engage with but I have enjoyed your calm and steady style and have listened to each lecture more than once.

Thank you for your captivating talks that help make Alan Watts’ contributions clear and alive. You present his ideas in an engaging way. I hope some of them will lodge in my head and inform my attitudes. It all sounds so calm and effortless.


About the tutor

Tim Lott is a journalist and author; his latest book is When We Were Rich.