Elocution with Sir Timothy Ackroyd

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English actor Timothy Ackroyd  – a real-life Professor Higgins – presents this very useful and very entertaining course on speaking English properly. It is aimed at anyone who would like to improve their English pronunciation, projection and oratory in general.

Sir Timothy is the right man for the job. Sir John Gielgud said of Ackroyd: “He is blessed with the most beautiful English speaking voice.” All Timothy’s life he has had a natural passion for the English language, its poetry and prose. He knows too how profound is the spoken word, in an age dominated by technology.

“From our voice springs life,” says Timothy.

The course is particularly suitable for non-Brits who would like to improve their English accent. It is also suitable for anyone who would like to gain a command of the beautiful, old-fashioned spoken English of the classic actors.

Over the past few years London-based Sir Tim has taught hundreds of foreigners how to speak good English, both in his private lessons and in his group lessons at the Idler Academy. He teaches what is known as RP or Received Pronunciation, or what we know informally as BBC English.

Our online Elocution course consists of four sessions over two hours of video. You may watch the videos anytime and as many times as you wish. Our elocution students also enjoy access to printouts of the various rhymes Sir Tim uses on the course. Pupils may also access our community noticeboard where they may pose questions to the tutor and communicate with other elocution pupils.


Part 1a: The voice and warm-up exercises

In our first film, Sir Timothy runs through the exercises used by professional actors to warm up the voice and body. 33 minutes.

Part 1b: The vowel sounds

A thorough work-out in the English vowel sounds. 23 minutes.

Part 2: The consonant sounds

A vastly enjoyable romp through the English consonant sounds. 46 minutes.

Part 3: Introducing feeling and imagination

In our final part, Sir Timothy teaches us how to inject real passion into our reading. 24 minutes.

About the tutor

Considered one the most enigmatic actors of his generation, Sir Timothy Ackroyd’s acting career began in 1976 when he was nominated as Most Promising Newcomer in the West End Theatre Awards for this performance as Clytemnestra in Aeschylus ‘Agamemnon’. Since then, he has performed in countless West End productions including Macbeth (Old Vic) and Much Ado About Nothing (National Theatre).