How to Live in the Country by Tom Hodgkinson


A guide to the old farming year, with chapters on growing veg, keeping bees and chickens, baking bread and making wine. Plus a new new foreword by Dominic West. Illustrations by Alice Smith.

“Hugely inspiring,” New Statesman

“A combination of almanac, commonplace book and diary… richly entertaining,” Independent

“Every gardener and allotment holder should have a copy… packed with good advice,” The Oldie

“One of those enthusiasts whose enthusiasm is hard to resist,” Daily Mail

Chapter titles:

January: Chop Wood

February: Dig Earth

March: Sow Seeds

April: Tend Fowl

May: Bake Bread

June: Mind Bees

July: Mow Meadow

August: Harvest Crops

September: Hunt and Gather

October: Brew Beer

November: Kill Pig

December: Feast