How to Sing with Diana de Cabarrus

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If you’ve ever wanted to sing, or used to sing but find yourself out of practice, the Idler How to Sing online course is here to teach you how.

The four-part How to Sing course is suitable for beginners without any musical experience or knowledge whatsoever. Across two hours of video divided into four lessons, Diana will show you how to discover your voice: your pitch, range and register, and she’ll teach you how to sing a song.

The course also offers a sheaf of notes and access to the Idler Academy How to Sing community forum. Post a comment here, plus suggestions for songs, and communicate with other pupils, and ask Diana questions.

Join us as we teach the world to sing.

You will receive:
• Four 20 – 40 minute video lessons filmed at the old Idler Academy shop in Notting Hill
• worksheets featuring notes, guidance and music
• access to our singing community area

Final note: who’s that in the audience? As you watch the films, you’ll see three people in the audience. They are Victoria Hull, director of the Idler Academy, journalist Alexis Self, and event coordinator Roberta McCaughan.

Here’s what others have said about the course:

“What a great course for cheering me up while I’m alone at home.  Perfect!”

About the tutor

Diana de Cabarrus is a singer, songwriter and musician. She fronts the band Candythief.