Eminent Victorians with John Mitchinson


In this fabulously watchable series, QI’s Director of Information John Mitchinson teaches us about the lives, loves and work of six great Victorians.

Each lecture in this six-part course, totalling over 90 minutes of video, is accompanied by handy notes featuring datelines and further reading. The videos can by watched limitless times.

Lesson One: Florence Nightingale – Did you know that Nightingale went to bed for fifty years?

Lesson Two: William Morris – More than just a wallpaper designer, Morris was a political revolutionary.

Lesson Three: Karl Marx  Find out about the theorist’s poor health, lack of money and heavy drinking.

Lesson Four: Charles Darwin – Learn why Darwin was such a worrier.

Lesson Five: Mary Kingsley – A brilliant female explorer and best-selling author.

Lesson Six: Frank Buckland – Eater of bluebottles and other strange animals.

About the tutor

John Mitchinson is Director of Research for the TV show QI and is co-author of the best-selling series of QI books. He is also Publishing Director at Unbound, the subscription publishing house. He lives in the Oxfordshire village of Great Tew where he keeps pigs and chickens.