Punctuation with Harry Mount

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If you have ever found yourself in a pickle when it comes to where to put the apostrophe, what semi-colons are for, and what to do with commas, then this is the course for you. No longer will you make yourself look dumb by putting “it’s” when you should have written “its”. Did you also know that good grammar makes you appear more attractive to the opposite sex? That indeed is the view of Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman, who says that there is nothing more off-putting when inspecting potential dates on dating sites than misplaced apostrophes and commas.

You can learn at your own pace, and go back over the material as many times as you like. We also provide a few sheets of notes for you to print out and refer to. Do join us for Harry Mount’s useful and amusing Punctuation Masterclass.

About the tutor

Harry Mount is the editor of The Oldie magazine. A former New York correspondent and leader-writer for the Daily Telegraph, he is the author of Amo, Amas, Amat and All That, a top 10 bestseller. He has also written A Lust for Window Sills – a guide to British Buildings and his latest book, How England Made the English. He writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Times, the Evening Standard, the Spectator, Country Life, the Times Literary Supplement, the New Statesman and Literary Review. He has a degree in ancient and modern history from Oxford (First Class Honours) and an MA in architectural history from the Courtauld Institute.