The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food with Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh

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Can you eat for happiness? Author Rachel Kelly, who has had a history of depression, shares her personal experience of harnessing the power of food.

Over the course of five years, she has worked with nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh to build up a range of recipes, designed to boost energy, relieve low mood, comfort a troubled mind, support hormonal balance and help you sleep soundly.

Over the course of seven video-based lessons, Rachel and Alice explain the principles of eating for happiness by introducing easy and nutritious recipes from their book The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food.

Learn all about the mood-enhancing power of ingredients like Vitamin B and raw cacao, and find joy in cooking food that improves wellbeing.


Course Outline

Introduction: Rachel’s Story

Lesson One: Balanced Energy – Nutritiously nutty granola (21 mins)

Lesson Two: Beating the Blues – Happy Smoothie (24 mins)

Lesson Three: Nice and Calm – Sundried Tomato Hummus (22 mins)

Lesson Four: Mental Clarity – Alice’s Creamy Scrambled Eggs (17 mins)

Lesson Five: Hormonal Peace – Three Bean Salad (24 mins)

Lesson Six: Sweet Dreams – Midnight dip (15 mins)

Lesson Seven: Comfort Food – Dark Chocolate Brazil Nut Brownies (25 mins)


About the tutors

In her early thirt­ies, Rac­hel Kelly suf­fered two major de­pres­sive epi­sodes. These two epi­sodes have be­come the de­fin­ing events of her life. Since then, she has writt­en about the con­di­tion, and her re­covery, in books that have been read by tens of thousands of peo­ple. Her mem­oir Black Rain­bow was a Sun­day Times be­stsell­er in 2014, and her second book on wellbe­ing Walk­ing on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Hap­pi­ness is an in­ter­nation­al be­stsell­er and has been pub­lished in the USA, Canada, Poland, Ger­many, Tur­key and Croatia.

Rac­hel now speaks pub­lic­ly about her ex­peri­ence of de­press­ion and re­cove­ry to help educate and break stig­ma. She is an of­fici­al am­bassador for Re­think Ment­al Il­l­ness, Young Minds, Sane and The Co­un­sell­ing Foun­da­tion, and her latest book The Happy Kitch­en: Good Mood Food, co-authored with Alice Mackintosh, was pub­lished in Janua­ry 2017.

Alice Mackintosh, (Hons) Phys, BSc (Hons) NT, mBant, originally set out to qualify as a medical doctor, but ultimately felt that taking a natural approach to healthcare seemed a more effective way of helping others. She has degrees in both Nutritional Therapy and Biomedical Sciences and now works as a consultant in London’s Harley Street.