The Idler Guide to Classical Civilisation with Harry Mount

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Western Europe is built on two rocks: classical civilisation and Judeo-Christian civilisation. And much of that Judeo-Christian civilisation is rooted in the classical world.

To know classical civilisation is to know the roots of architecture, art, philosophy, comedy, tragedy, history, satire, the novel and democracy. Not to know classical civilisation is to cut yourself off at the knees, to be forever marooned in the modern age, without knowing how it was created.

In nine easy-going talks, Harry Mount – author of Odyssey and Amo, Amas, Amat and All That – takes you through Homer and Virgil, through Greek and Roman architecture, sculpture, literature, philosophy, history, geography and the gods.

A great introduction to the greatest civilisation of them all.

Course Structure

Lesson One – Greek History and Geography

Lesson Two – Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey

Lesson Three – Greek philosophy and literature

Lesson Four – Classical Architecture and Sculpture

Lesson Five – The Greek and Roman Gods

Lesson Six – Roman History and Geography

Lesson Seven – Roman Literature and the Aeneid

Lesson Eight – The Decline of Rome and Rise of Christianity

Lesson Nine – Classical Civilisation in the Present Day


The Death of Socrates