The Idler Guide to Negotiation with Hilary Gallo

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Learn the art of gentle negotiation with Hilary Gallo, a former corporate lawyer and author of The Power of Soft, or “how to get what you want without being a ****”.

The Power of Soft is a different way to approach negotiation – in life and in business. It’s based on Hilary’s experience of solving difficult negotiations in large organisations, mediating small disputes and even working with primary school children. Negotiating without resorting to anger is an important skill for the bohemian in business. Over the course of seven video-based lessons, Hilary will teach us how to reach agreements where both parties feel satisfied.

Relationships lie at the heart of Hilary’s approach. He will introduce some technical elements but the focus is on how to build understanding and a better relationship. That means negotiation doesn’t have to be hard work – perfect for Idlers.

Course Outline


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Needs Lesson

1a: Positional Negotiation

Lesson 2: Power Lesson

2a: Power Ideas for Idlers

Lesson 3: Awareness

Lesson 4: Relationship

Lesson 4a: Listening