The Idler Introduction to Bitcoin with Dominic Frisby

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If you’re confused about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, then worry no more.

We have put together a very entertaining and thorough course on the basics of Bitcoin with that most engaging expert, author Dominic Frisby. Our course takes you through the history of Bitcoin, explains the technology in simple terms, and puts the Bitcoin bubble in the context of other financial bubbles like tulips and the South Sea fiasco.

Dominic is an actor and comedian as well as financial writer. He is the author of Bitcoin: The Future of Money? which was one of the first books on the phenomenon.

He will tell you how to get started with Cryptocurrency, and describe the exciting decentralising nature of the Blockchain and its many applications.

Our course is divided into eleven highly digestible chunks of filming, totally over an hour of video.

There is a reading and further resources list, plus quiz, certificate and student forum.

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Course Rundown
Lesson One: How It All Started – 4.54 mins
Lesson Two: How Bitcoin Went Mainstream – 3.21 mins
Lesson Three: ‘I Don’t Understand How It Works’ – 3.33 mins
Lesson Four: Blockchain – 9.20 mins
Lesson Five: Why Record Keeping Matters – 8.38 mins
Lesson Six: Is Bitcoin a Bubble? – 12.32 mins
Lesson Seven: Should You Invest – 4.07 mins
Lesson Eight: The Dark Net – 7.15 mins
Lesson Nine: Money and Government – 10.32 mins
Lesson Ten: How To Get Started – 3.36 mins
Lesson Eleven: Applications of Blockchain – 11.38 mins

Note: Mr Frisby is unable to reply directly to comments and queries in the course forum, though Idler staff and community will be able to address them.

About the tutor

Dominic Frisby is an entertaining and informed financial commentator. He writes a weekly investment column for Moneyweek, and regularly contributes to the Guardian, the Independent and Aeon. His 2014 book, Bitcoin: the Future of Money? (‘Read it and glimpse into the future,’ said Sir Richard Branson) was the first book on bitcoin by a recognized publisher. Following his 2016 sell-out show, Let’s Talk About Tax, Dominic is currently working on a book about tax for Penguin Random House. To his knowledge, he’s the only comedian in the whole world who also writes a financial column, giving him a unique edge.