How to Build Your Own Utopia with David Bramwell

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If you’re looking for something beyond the mundane, conventional and obvious, then join David Bramwell for a fascinating, and at times hilarious, journey to Utopia.

This six-part online course examines the history of Utopia and some of the most fascinating utopian experiments of the modern age, from Christiania to Damanhur. It also explores how you can bring utopian thinking into your everyday life.

The writer and presenter is David Bramwell, author of The No9 Bus to Utopia, an account of his year long trip round some of the world’s weirdest communities.

Each lesson explores the history and philosophy of utopianism by featuring a different alternative community still functioning today, situated in different parts of the world.

The particular focus will be on how we live: whether that’s alone, in communal houses, cities or communes, and what we can learn in each case.

This course offers tools for making meaningful changes in your own life. And, equally importantly, in other people’s lives. And you won’t need a spare million dollars or twenty acres of land to make your life a little more utopian.


Course Outline

Lesson One: Anarchism. David visits Christiania in Copenhagen. 20:49

Lesson Two: Building a Community. David visits Findhorn. 18:35

Lesson Three: Is not getting what you want getting what you want? Reflections on Plato’s Republic followed by a trip to Esalen, the Californian retreat founded by Aldous Huxley. 22:27

Lesson Four: Damanhur. David visits the Italian community who built an underground network of temples in secret. 26.48

Lesson Five: Cities versus intentional communities. Co-housing in Berkeley. 15.56

Lesson Six: Regime change begins at home. How the Zocalo movement helped David change his life. 16:12

About the tutor

David Bramwell is the creator of the best-selling Cheeky Guide to Brighton, host of Brighton’s long-running salon, the Catalyst Club and singer-songwriter in the band, Oddfellow’s Casino. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 3 and 4 and won a Sony Award for his Radio 3 program, The Haunted Moustache. His book, The No9 Bus to Utopia started life as as one man show and has been given as a TED talk.