How to Fix the Future with Andrew Keen and Tom Hodgkinson

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How to Fix the Future (And Escape the Grip of Silicon Valley) with Andrew Keen and Tom Hodgkinson: A Guide to Taking Back the Power from the Digital Overlords

If you’ve been perturbed by the recent revelations around the use of your data for the purposes of selling stuff, or manipulating elections, you’ll love our “fix the future” course. It addresses probably the most important issue of our times: our digital future.

Andrew Keen is the author of The Internet is Not the Answer and lately How to Fix the Future. He has been a critic of the big technology firms for over ten years, accusing them of what he calls “surveillance capitalism”. The book, said Kirkus Review, contains “valuable insights on preserving our humanity in a digital world”.

Tom Hodgkinson is editor of the Idler and author of the 2008 essay and pamphlet, “We Want Everyone: Facebook and the New American Right”, which explained the politics of the first Facebook investor, Peter Thiel, and warned readers against giving their likes and preferences to an American ad sales business.

Our course centres around ten short talks given one evening by Andrew Keen at an Idler live event. We’ve added a commentary from Tom, and a thorough guide to taking back your power online, put together by Neil Scott, the Idler’s tech guru. In his pdf guide, Neil shows you how to get off Facebook, take your data back, and construct a new digital life where you do not offer up your data for free to large advertising companies.

So join us as we fight for your right to data.

The course comes with notes and further reading.

There is also a forum where students can put questions to the Idler team and discuss the issues raised by the course.

Course rundown

Introduction: Why did Andrew write his book and how did he go about it?

Part One: What is the problem? 6:58

Part Two: Can the titans of tech fix what they’ve broken? 5:54

Part Three: On the importance of paying for content. 7:23

Part Four: How can we take back music? 6:03

Part Five: How can we reclaim our personal data? 7:46

Part Six: The importance of education. 7:28

Part Seven: Why we need to protect the rights of the new precariat. 6:26

Part Eight: How to fight back against the monopolies. 8:29

Part Nine: What should the tech billionaires be doing? 8:45

Part Ten: How to resist the gig economy. 5:44

• Take Back the Power: A Practical Guide to Getting Off Facebook, cutting back on Google and Caking Control of Our Digital Footprint by the Idler’s Neil Scott. In pdf form.

• Reading List. A short list of books you need to read to get yourself acquainted with the basic issues here.

• Forums: talk to the community and ask the tutor a question.

“Fantastic course. Lots of food for thought” – Tyron Love

About the tutor

Andrew Keen is an author, broadcaster, speaker and entrepreneur and one of the world’s best-known and controversial commentators on the digital revolution. He is the executive director of the Silicon Valley salon FutureCast, a columnist for GQ magazine and the author of three acclaimed and prescient books: The Internet Is Not the AnswerDigital Vertigo and The Cult of the Amateur. His new book is How To Fix The Future: Staying Human in the Digital Age.