Fat-bottomed girls, you made the ancient world go round

13 Nov|Various

Venus Callipyge - meaning "Venus of the beautiful buttocks" - Roman marble sculpture from the first century BC

WE have discovered the original version of the Kim Kardashian image. It’s an ancient Roman marble sculpture called Venus of the Beautiful Buttocks. The buttocks are smaller, it is true. Apart from that, it’s the same basic idea.

We invited three Idler contributors to reflect on the image.


Earlier this year, I discovered, to my delight, that Kim Kardashian is my 13th cousin.

We don’t share the same bottom gene, though. I could barely support one of those little Duralex Picardie tumblers – hats off to Cousin Kim for managing an unwieldy, broad-bowled champagne coupe on her bum.

Cousin Kim has also done a service to the larger bottom. Ancient cultures were always keen on them: thus the adjective, callipygous, derived from the ancient Greek for bootylicious. It’s only recently that our modern, anorexic age has worshipped the non-existent bum.

I raise my inadequate glass to you, cousin, for reversing the trend!


Plato ‘records’ that Socrates couldn’t philosophize when he glimpsed inside beautiful youths’ tunics.

Some footballer’s posterior might be a bit more ancient Greek…


Who is Kim Kardashian? Is he a philosopher?