How to make a sourdough bread with Bridget Hugo

21 Dec

December’s online course is the ultimate guide to slow baking with Franco Manca co-founder Bridget Hugo.

We are truly thrilled to release our latest online course, How to Make Sourdough Bread with Bridget Hugo.

We met Bridget, who is co-founder of the brilliant pizza chain Franco Manca at a festival over the summer. In autumn, we went down to visit her at her artisanal bakery in Brixton, and were absolutely bowled over by her knowledge of and passion for the subject.

Like us, Bridget has a hatred of the pap peddled by supermarkets as bread, which she calls “ersatz bread”. She is a member of the Real Bread campaign.

And she is a true professional. In this series of 21 videos, filmed in her Brixton kitchen, Bridget reveals the secrets of sourdough baking and shows us how to make healthy, nutritious loaves using only flour, water and salt.

Bridget also teaches us the art of making delicious focaccia, pizza, doughnuts and bread rolls.

So if you’d like to learn the secrets of this master baker, and introduce yourself to the art of making real bread, take a look at the course here.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to make real bread over Christmas?

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