Idler 60 is out now

3 May

Idler 60, May/June 2018, is available to buy in shops and online

The latest edition of the Idler has a gorgeous cover by Jordan Andrew Carter. In it, we’ve got a funny interview with Sara Pascoe and a delicious destruction of the work ethic by LSE professor David Graeber, based on his new and witty book, Bullshit Jobs. There’s also a lovely account of life on a canal boat by seed-seller Benjamin Ranyard and an encounter with former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, plus our new astronomy column.

We are now available in Smiths outlets at train stations and airports, plus 100 Barnes and Nobles in the US, as well as a host of indie outlets in NW America, the UK and Europe. Click here to see our list of outlets or buy a copy direct from us.