Video: tribute to Jock Scot

Jock as Diogenes on the steps of St Paul’s

We’ve just heard the sad news that our dear friend Jock Scot has died. There he is on the steps of St Paul’s cathedral, lounging as Diogenes. This is an interview we recorded with the legend in 2014, when we gave him Idler of the Year Award. Big love to his wife Helen. A devastating loss.

Here’s what we wrote at the time:

The Idler of the Year award is given to the public figure who, in the eyes of the voters and committee, has contributed most to the noble cause of more leisure, more freedom and more idleness for everyone, either by example or by their ideas.

Last year we gave the award to the veritable Diogenes of the 21st Century, poet Jock Scot.

Jock was diagnosed with cancer last year and given three months to live. He decided not to go down the chemotherapy route, and is still with us seven or eight months later. He describes his condition as “stable”.

Jock rejects most of the distractions of modern society. He has no phone or computer, has no email account and has not had a job for over thirty years, considering the whole employment idea to be something of a con.

He has led a fascinating life, in his role as good vibes merchant to various bands, and has been on tour with The Clash, The Pogues and The Libertines.

Above you may watch a filmed interview with Jock carried out at the Idler Academy towards the end of 2014. Watch it and I think you’ll agree that Jock is aptly named as Idler of the Year. Truly a Diogenes of our time. You can see him below lounging on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral on our free philosophy day.



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