Online course: The Idler Guide to Growing Veg

9 Apr

IF YOU’VE EVER wanted to grow your own vegetables and herbs, but couldn’t be bothered, then this is the course for you. Suitable for the complete beginner who would like to make a start in gardening and keep it pretty much organic, but wouldn’t know where to start, our gardening course is devised, written and presented by prolific author, gardener and Guardian columnist, Alys Fowler.

Alys’s approach to gardening could be defined as “low effort, high productivity”. She rejects the hard work of digging, for example, in favour of mulching, which encourages the worms, who do the digging for you. She sees nothing wrong in buying young plants from the garden centre rather than growing everything from seed. She’ll show you how to make compost, and she’ll also explain the principles of good gardening, so students will gain a real understanding of why they are doing things in a certain way.

Alys will show you how to care for your growing plants, how to harvest and finally how to preserve the food you have grown over the winter.

The course consists of eight half hour films split into four parts which will take you through the gardening year, from soil and seeds to harvesting and preserving your produce.

You can watch the films any time and as many times as you like.

The great thing about this online course is that you can actually see what Alys is talking about. It combines the best of book-learning with the best of TV-watching. The course also offers printable notes.

There is also an interactive element: pupils have access to a selection of forums, where you can interact with other students, trade tips, and put your queries directly to Alys.

The price of the course is £100.


You may also buy Part One: Early Spring on its own for £30. Click here.