The Idler Questionnaire: Rachel Johnson

19 Aug

Rachel Johnson is a journalist and broadcaster. Her latest novel Fresh Hell was published in June 2015. Her previous books include The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell, Shire Hell, A Diary of the Lady and Winter Games.

1. Are you happy?

Yes, almost always, but I do believe that you’re only ever as happy as your unhappiest child.

2. What are you reading at the moment?

The Pumpkin Eaters by Penelope Mortimer before I binge on Jilly Cooper before interviewing her in the autumn.

3. What was your worst job?

Checkout girl at M&S Marble Arch. But there is of course dignity in all work, however brainless and menial.

4. How many hours do you work each day ?


5. Town mouse or country mouse?

Both. But mainly town.

6. Does love bring happiness or misery?

Both. As you know Sappho called love “glukupikros” – or bittersweet. You can’t have the soaring highs without the dragging lows.

7.  Mp3 or vinyl, real or e book?


8. What are your three greatest pleasures?

Tennis, sex, and conversation, not always in that order.

9. Do you believe in the nap?

Just had one.

10. What advice do you have for young people?

You’ll never be as young as you are today.