The train arrives: Ah, is this not happiness?

29 Oct|Idler readers

A happy moment as the train arrives

The 17th century Chinese writer Chin Shengtang was once stranded in a temple during a rainstorm for three days with a friend. While thus secluded, the pair compiled their list of the 33 best moments in life. This delightful literary project is called Chin’s 33 Happy Moments. We asked Idler readers to send us their happy moments.

IT’S freezing cold and the wind is blowing. Standing along the platform, commuters huddle under umbrellas; having left mine at home, water drips down my neck – my trousers and shoes are soaked. The departure board shows “Delayed due to signalling problems” but gives no indication of when my train is due.  Then, through the gloom, amber lights appear – a train approaches – on the front I make out the words: “Hereford” – My train!  I board and take a seat, I feel warmth, I hear people sigh with relief – the rain-streaked cityscape of Birmingham glides past the window – I head for home.

Ah – is this not happiness?

David Mair

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