“The zeitgeist has caught up with his thinking”

17 Oct

IN A review of Tom Hodgkinson’s new book Business for Bohemians, the Financial Times reckons that the time of the idle entrepreneur has come.

The book, it says: “is part practical business handbook, part entrepreneur’s memoirs, aimed at freelancers or small-business owners in the creative fields.” Critic Emma Da Vita goes on to comment: “Author Tom Hodgkinson, founder of the Idler magazine, has long written about his anti-consumerist lifestyle. But the rise of the gig economy, combined with millennials’ rejection of traditional career paths, means his rhetoric suddenly has broader appeal. The zeitgeist has finally caught up with his thinking, and no doubt a copy of his book will soon be found on every shared desk in hip co-working spaces in Shoreditch.”

The FT then beams in on the heart of the book:

“Coursing through Hodgkinson’s book is his struggle to square his stance as an idling bohemian with his new role as a business owner and manager who needs to turn a healthy profit.”

It’s an amusing read, as well as providing a wealth of practical info:

“His chapter, ‘How to choose who you work with’, is an excruciating yet extremely funny account of how to hire and manage staff.

“There is good advice on bookkeeping, taking credit card payments and preparing for a crowdfunding campaign. Hodgkinson gives thoughtful help on how to manage your time effectively if your office is your home, and how to use social media to your advantage.”