What is anarchism?

1 Jun|Tom Hodgkinson

Tom Hodgkinson introduces our new online course on anarchism

Contrary to popular belief, anarchism is not a synonym for violence and disorder. It is in fact a sophisticated political and personal approach to everyday life which has its roots in the Cynic philosophers of Ancient Athens, as well as the teachings of Christ and Socrates.

We’re delighted to release our new online course, A Brief Introduction to Anarchism, written and presented by yours truly. In it I attempt to outline the basic principles of anarchism, which is about harmony between personal responsibility and service to the community. Our course takes in the Beatles, the Stoics, the Taoists, the Situationists, the Punks, a Russian aristocrat, Mary Shelley, Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi, medieval city states, the petite bourgeoisie, George Orwell and the fight against the Islamic State. It’s a strange, fascinating and inspiring tale.


Tom Hodgkinson traces two and half millennia of anarchic thinking

There are three video lectures totalling just under an hour, plus notes, further reading, quiz, certificate and access to the forum, where I will be answering your queries and comments.

The course is free to all our Academy members and £42 for everyone else – and we’re running an introductory half price sale, so you can get it for just £21. Get started here.